Adrift Outdoors Ltd trading as Adrift Tongariro and Adrift Tongariro Guided Tours.

Credit and Payment Policy
New Account or Agents With Under 10 Bookings per Season
We require prepayment 14 days prior to the client's trip date.

Existing Agents Invoicing and Credit Balance
For those agents who have an established trading relationship with Adrift Tongariro and a good payment record, we are happy to mutually agree on a credit balance.
Tours will be invoiced 14 days prior to the tour date.
Payment is due on the 20th of the month subsequent to invoice date.
The credit balance is calculated as at the invoice date, 14 days prior to the trip departure date.
At any point, should the credit balance exceed the mutually agreed balance then part payment will be required to reduce the balance under the agreed level.

Bookings and Reconfirmation
Bookings are best made online. Confirmation of booking will be emailed and serve as receipt and if applicable GST invoice. Payment in full is taken upon booking.

We take all individual and group bookings. Minimum group size is two people. Prices are based on a minimum of two people. If possible and agreeable with all parties, single customers will be placed with a group.

It is essential that all clients phone the Adrift Tongariro base between 10:00am – 5:00pm the day prior to the tour date to reconfirm tour departure time and discuss exact timings and weather impacts.
We highly recommend that single person bookings phone Adrift 3 days prior to the trip date to establish that minimum numbers have been met.

Cancellation and Rescheduling
Adrift Tongariro accepts no responsibility for the clients use of third party transportation nor any acts of god nor illness or injury, which affects the client’s ability to commence their scheduled tour.

No refund or options to reschedule will be made if the client does not call the day prior to the tour date to reconfirm, is late to the scheduled meeting time or does not show up for their scheduled tour.

A refund of the tour cost is given to all cancellations made by customers up to 14 days prior to the tour date, booking fee is non refundable.

Should the minimum group size not be met a surcharge of an extra person(s) will be charged or the customer can choose 1: reschedule for up to 12 months from the original tour date or 2: receive a refund of the tour cost, booking fee is non refundable.

Adrift Tongariro has the right to cancel a tour should we consider the weather to cause too high a risk. If Adrift Tongariro cancels due to unsafe forecast or conditions a safe alternate tour will be offered or the customer can choose 1: reschedule for up to 12 months from the original tour date or 2: receive a refund of the tour cost, booking fee is non refundable.

Upgrades from a Basic Tongariro Crossing Guided Group Walk to a Premium Tongariro Crossing Guided Group Walk must be completed 14 days prior to the tour date.

Health and Safety
Weather and Trip Decisions
All decisions regarding the departure of the tour are made at the meeting time for that tour at the Adrift Tongariro base. Adrift Tongariro will deem the weather to be unsafe to depart and cancel the tour according to our health and safety operation plans.

We do not guarantee reaching the intended objective. Client, guide and staff safety, comfort and enjoyment are taken into consideration when securing the exact route for the day. Monitoring includes:- client health, fitness and wellbeing, weather, track, volcanic risks, avalanche, ice, hypothermia and river levels and conditions and any other environmental conditions. We reserve the right to cancel a trip if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person under Adrifts management system.

Once the tour has commenced in the event the guide deems that it is not safe to proceed along the intended route because of conditions mentioned above then Adrift Tongariro will guide up to a point and turn the group around for safety. If the group or an individual returns to the start of the tour we make no apology as we are 100% solely ensuring the safety of the individual and the group, and the Adrift Tongariro staff. No refund is offered.

Tongariro Crossing Group Tours. Group tours have a maximum 9 hour walking duration to meet with our safety protocols. If Adrift Tongariro guides assess clients inability to complete the Tongariro Crossing within this time the client will be advised to return to the start where they will be picked up by Adrift Tongariro and returned to the Adrift Tongariro base. This process is completed at approximately the 2 hour mark.

Tongariro Crossing Private Tours. If the Adrift Tongariro guide believes the private party is incapable of completing the Tongariro Crossing within 10 hours then the guide and private party will turn back at a time to ensure completion within 10 hours, this may be a Red Crater return. These times are for the safety of the individual, group and guide.

Health, Fitness, Drugs and Alcohol
Each participant is required to fill in the online Adrift Tongariro pre-registration and declaration from before arriving at the Adrift Tongariro base and commencing the tour. Adrift Tongariro must be informed of any Medical Physical or Psychological issues which could hinder your or the group’s safety or the ability to complete the walk. We reserve the right to withdraw any person who in our opinion is likely to endanger themselves or others.

Adrift Tongariro has the right to safely return a person to the start of the tour should that person not, in the guide’s opinion, meet the physical, mental or general fitness minimum requirement to complete the tour. If an individual is unable to continue the tour, as decided by either the client or the guide, no refund will be given.

Adrift Tongariro reserves the right to refuse to guide anyone who in Adrift Tongariro’s opinion is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is acting in a manner which is disruptive or refuses to take Adrift Tongariro’s directions, no refund will be offered.
In the interests of safety and general enjoyment, restrictions may apply in regard to age, level of fitness and standard of health that is required in order to complete the tour.

All trips have a minimum clothing policy and equipment requirements that clients must adhere to.

In any adventure activity, there is an element of risk involved. The staff & management of Adrift Tongariro take all practical steps to manage, mitigate, and at times eliminate, exposure to potential danger. Clients must follow our instructions & use the safety equipment provided at all times. Adults accompanying any person under the age of 18 must ensure that the underage person follows our instructions at all times. You agree to release or indemnify Adrift Tongariro & our staff against any liability we incur to anyone else resulting in your failure to follow our instructions or the failure of any person accompanying you under the age of 18.
Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Mt Ruapehu: Environmental risks in undertaking this activity include but are not limited to:-Volcanic activity, avalanche activity, hyperthermia and slipping, all of which could result in injury. You are walking on an active volcano with Tongariro has a NZ Volcanic Alert Level of zero and Ruapehu an alert level of 1 both of which are deemed by the Department of Conservation as to be safe for Adrift to conduct commercial activities, however volcanoes can erupt at any time without notice.

Child Policy
Adrift Tongariro will take children 12 years old and over. Children under 12 years old need approval from Adrift Tongariro.

Accommodation Transfers to and from the Adrift Tongariro Base
A minimum of two persons are required to operate. An additional service and cost over and above the tour booking and are available with selected guided tours with Adrift Tongariro only. All times listed are approximate and therefore essential all clients phone the Adrift Tongariro base between 10:00am - 5:00pm the day prior to the trip date to confirm transfer pick up time. Return transport between the Adrift Tongariro base and the activity is included in the price.

Special offers, in conjunction with Alpine Chalets
Specials are based on 2 Adults twin share, minimum 2 nights stay with Alpine Chalets. Specials are for Adults only. Accommodation is subject to availability. Midweek is classed as Monday to Wednesday. Adrift Tongariro’s full terms and conditions apply for the selected guided tour. See Alpine Chalets for full accommodation terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

Adrift Tongariro External Endorsements
Adrift Tongariro is a registered professional commercial mountaineering, canoeing and biking company, with independently audited safety systems, registered with The Department of Health and Safety - our registration number is AAO869. Adrift Tongariro is also fully Qualmark endorsed and is a Department of Conservation concessioner for the Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks. Adrift Tongariro is a member of the tourism industry association New Zealand. Director Stewart Barclay is a member of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association as a qualified alpine, canoe and bush instructor.

Christmas and New Year Operations
All tour bookings on New Year’s Day will only be offered at the private price point with a minimum of two people. Boxing day and the 2nd January incur at 50% surcharge on the normal tour rate, minimum of two pax. Adrift Tongariro is closed on Christmas Day.